Expanding Horizons

As part of our commitment to all of our customers to be more than just another booking site, we are bringing you a series of pieces on destinations that have changed our lives, but that you might not have considered, so that you can have a chance to discover them for yourself.

Travel is about broadening more than just our experience, but also about expanding our minds and souls, and exposing ourselves to new cultures, so that we may better understand each other.

This series of articles is to help you just to that. Click on the destinations below to learn more about them. We hope that by reading about these wonderful places for yourself, you might just be inspired to try something new.

Eddie Banyaliev
CEO, Travelogica

History & Islands


Vietnam is famous for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, as well as its rich and historic culture. While many people visit Bali, the Maldives or Thailand for their taste of tropical Southeast Asia, we suggest you consider this often-overlooked paradise.

Ice & Fire


While some people prefer to lounge on beaches, others prefer to appreciate the breathtaking, but harsh landscapes of the volcanic island of Iceland. Defined by its awe-inspiring geography - featuring volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and active lava fields; Iceland is a place that many who have travelled there say that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

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